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Beranda » Adventure » Raja Ampat, Indonesia The Paradise After Java And Bali

Raja Ampat, Indonesia The Paradise After Java And Bali

Raja Ampat


The eastern part of Indonesia is an archipelago with abundant natural beauty. The exoticism of nature of mountains, beaches, to the beauty of its famous down to foreign tourists. Not surprisingly, each year the number of foreign tourists coming to visit Indonesia is always increasing. Local tourist not miss to enjoy the panoramic view of nature typical of eastern Indonesia. One of the attractions of Indonesia which became a tourist attraction is the raja ampat Islands. Raja Ampat archipelago alone consists of 1,800-an small island with 4 major islands, Misool, Batanta islands off i.e., Salawati, and Waigeo. Nautical tourism area in Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province. As a cluster of Isles, Raja Ampat marine tourism destination offering exciting to visit.

Opening hours and ticket prices in Raja Ampat

On holiday to Raja Ampat is obligated to prepare a budget well. Several needs of this tour you should prepare like ticket fare i.e. Rp 500.000,-/person. Accommodation costs around Rp 250.000,-/hari/orang. For the cost of transportation between islands is the price of Rp 700.000,-/person. While the costs for transportation of the Slide heading Waisai i.e. Rp 130,000,-/person.

Facilities in Raja Ampat

Tourists who want to visit Papua is certainly iconic tourist need to know important information about Raja Ampat one such facilities available there. For the needs of a comfortable and quality lodging you can choose rented hotel rooms, cottages, as well as the nearby resort in Raja Ampat.

Other facilities for the purposes of access to easy and seamless, the Organizer provides some ship or boat. This transportation can be used to travel to comb the island. In addition there is also a special equipment for diving and corresponding standard. So you don’t have to worry about security.

And access routes to Raja Ampat
We know that access to Papua needs a little unnecessary expense. Two alternative travel can be done is to use naval ships or aircraft with a shorter duration. Access from Sorong to arrive in Raja Ampat may use Ferry Marina Express then the ship’s Ave Maria.

Travel route to arrive at the nautical nature of West Papua, there are several options. The first routes from Singapore towards Manado slide and continued into a tourist destination. Or the route from Bali toward the Slide however melewatir Ujung Pandang, Makassar city.

Raja Ampat
1. The cottage Inn, and resto Acropora
2. the Misool Eco Resort
3. Parrot Hostel
4. Hotel Raja Ampat
5. Mambetron Hotel
6. the Gurara Dive Resort
7. HamuEco Raja Ampat
8. Waiwo Dive Resort Raja Ampat

Tips on Travelling to Raja Ampat

1. Provide a sufficient budget in cash
2. Have vibrant health so that the holiday is more safe and fun
3. If you intend to dive or do activities in the water, have the ability to swim.
4. Prepare your needs especially the needs and personal equipment
5. bring sunblock lotion or protector of the ultraviolet rays of the Sun because there are very blistering
6. If you are allergic to something, don’t forget to bring your allergy medicationRead Also Our Newest ArticlesMore article Info Contact

Author: Mendy Aisha R

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Source: https://www.topijelajah.com/raja-ampat.htm


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